About Us

In 2007, Toby and Tracy Schroeder ventured into the world of small business and opened Edgewood Auto & Tire. With only one additional employee, the new business operated primarily as an auto repair business. With amazing patronage from the community Edgewood Auto & Tire quickly grew and expanded into an auto and heavy duty repair shop. Today, Edgewood Auto & Tire works on all auto, truck, semi and heavy duty truck makes and models.


Skilled Technicians

Edgewood Auto & Tire, trained heavy duty truck and semi-truck technicians, Casey Cooke and Brad Schumann work on tires, perform services, do computerized code checks, and large truck alignments as well as engine and transmission overhauls. No job is too big for these trained experts. To accommodate our customers we also offer heavy duty wrecker service.

Edgewood Auto & Tire’s truck technician is Kyle Uhlenkamp. He understands the technology of new vehicles. Edgewood Auto & Tire is equipped with the computerized equipment necessary to diagnose auto and truck problems and fix the issue the first time. Each of the Edgewood Auto and Tire technicians adhere to our high quality, customer service standards.

Edgewood Auto & Tire carries all brands of tires and offers premier alignment service for all makes and models. Adam Lake, Casey Cooke, and Brad Schumann are the team of tow truck drivers and are available 24 hours a day. Edgewood Auto and Tire is proud to serve the surrounding farming community with our mobile tire service truck. Our mobile tire service truck can go absolutely everywhere. Edgewood Auto and Tire carries a full line of agriculture tires and is capable of servicing all tires we sell. Pete O’Connell recently joined our expert team and is especially knowledgeable about tires and tire service work. Pete also assists with scheduling and managing the daily activities in our fast paced shop. We strive to take care of every customer’s maintenance and service needs. Tracy and Taylor Bockenstedt are in the office and keep things going smoothly while helping our customers with all their needs and keeping all of the Edgewood Auto & Tire employees operating at the top of their game.

Where We Operate

Our business is located in Edgewood, Iowa. Our towing business can tow anywhere within the state of Iowa.

A Family Business

Owners, Toby and Tracy Schroeder, really enjoy working at Edgewood Auto & Tire and consider their customers and employees one big family. Without the tremendous support of their customers and the community Edgewood Auto & Tire would only be a fraction of the business it is today.

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